Our Company

Estate Properties Incorporated is an Alberta based and family owned company.

Since Estates inception in early 1987, the president, Chester Quaife, has dedicated his time to developing the most solid Management network today. Personal service, long-range planning, sound monetary and fiscal management and guidance that is sensitive to the owner’s needs are just part of the commitment Estate Properties Incorporated makes to its clients.

First and foremost, the cornerstone of Estate is personal service. Corporations are companies but they are also homes and people, and for this reason alone, a personal approach is required. It is Estate’s mission to provide service, expertise, and assistance to your condominium’s board of directors, owners, and tenants.

Condominium Management of all types of complexes is 98% of our business. The balance covers rentals and co-operatives.

Our Team

Our team consists of professional property managers, accountants and administration staff.

Our president was a prior home builder with experience in all aspects of construction and trade supervision. In the past 30 years he has personally managed many condominium, residential and commercial corporations. His primary role today is to oversee operations, client relations and marketing. His vast experience allows him to provide assistance to his team and clients as needed to ensure their needs are met.

Our property managers have all received their designation from the Canadian Condominium Institute or other related courses. Together they each have combined experience of 20+ years in the industry with extensive knowledge of the Condominium Property Act, the Residential Tenancy Act and the Cooperative Act. They pride themselves on their dedication and commitment to their clients with positive attitudes and exceptional problem solving abilities.

Our professional accountant has over 20+ years experience in property management accounting. Their experience includes all aspects of accounting including receivables, payables, reconciliations, money management, financial reporting and audits.

Our support staff cheerfully assist our clients and our team with administration tasks including greeting clients, receiving payments of fees, directing inquiries to the appropriate team member, preparing documents as needed and other day to day activities


Through the course of working with board members and clients, Estate often receives emails, letters and comments of praise for our management services. Below are a few of the testimonials recently received.
  • “I am so happy with our property manager, if they leave I am quitting the board. They certainly make my life easier as a board member.”
  • “ It has been a pleasure and delight to work with Estate Properties for the last twenty years. Our manager is hardworking, honest and always available to answer questions. Our manager has always been willing to go the extra mile which has gone a long way towards forming a very strong, positive working relationship. Another advantage of having Estate as our Property Management company is that they do not have any hidden charges, everything is up front and clear.”
  • “Estate Properties has managed our complex for many years. We are pleased with their services and would recommend them. Our property manager has the knowledge needed and is always on top of things. He works very hard for us and is always willing to help. Thank you for all that you are doing.”
  • “We have been with Estate Properties for approximately five years. We were self managed previously, but recognized we needed professional management. Estate reviewed and improved our finances, and generally brought our building to a better place. Estate has guided us through major building upgrades and improvements, and provided dependable advice throughout. Estate continues to provide great service today. Our property manager is always on top of things, anticipating and resolving issues while ensuring the board is always kept informed.”
  • “I have been a board member off and on for a total of 13 years. Estate Properties has been very professional in all dealings with our complex. This is the first management company that is available 24/7. Our manager has spent many days and nights dealing with issues as they arise. He has always provided sound advice, is very knowledgeable on condo legislation and has gone above and beyond in his job as our property manager.”